Understanding Points

VIP Booking Benefits

The Club Wyndham VIP Program provides exclusive benefits to owners who have 400,000 points or more. 

Important Information:
  • VIP benefits apply only when vacationing at Wyndham-managed resorts.
  • Guests traveling without a Club Wyndham VIP owner present are not eligible to receive VIP benefits during their stay.
  • VIP membership eligibility for owners with biennial ownership is based on half of the biennial allotment of points.
VIP Booking Benefits
Exclusive Vacation Planning Benefits Club Wyndham Silver Owner 
400,000 - 699,999 Points
Club Wyndham Gold Owner 
700,000 - 999,999 Points
Club Wyndham Platinum Owner 
1,000,000 Points or More
Points Discounts within 2 Months of Check-in1 
 • Discounts on new reservations at Club Wyndham resorts and affiliate properties.
25% 35% 50%
VIP Upgrade Opt-In Feature Size Upgrades1,3,6 
 • Option upon booking to receive an automatic upgrade to the next largest suite should it become available during your upgrade window.
Within 1 month of check-in date Within 45 days of check-in date Within 2 months of check-in date
Guest Confirmations8
 • Guest Confirmations each calendar year to share with family and friends.
5 10 15 per 1,000,000 eligible points
Unlimited Housekeeping Credits 
 • No charge for Housekeeping Credits when making a reservation.
Yes Yes Yes
Free Reservation Transactions
 • Unlimited Reservation Transactions at no additional charge.
No Yes Yes
Ability to Reserve Specific Units1,2 
 • Option to request a specific suite number when making reservations.
No Yes Yes
Worldwide External Exchange Deposit Suite Size Upgrades1
 • Upgrade to the next largest suite on all Value and Quiet season deposits.
No Yes Yes
RCI® Instant Search and Book Feature
 • Instantly search and book your desired vacation with the amount of points immediately available in your Club Wyndham account.
No Yes Yes
Reciprocal Advance Reservation Priority1,4,5
 • Confirm reservations outside your “home” resort at other Club Wyndham locations up to 11 months in advance of check-in.
None 2 times per year 3 times per year
Points Deposit Feature Extension
 • Receive additional time after the start of your Use Year to deposit points into a future Use Year with Club Wyndham.
Within the first 6 months of your Use Year Within the first 9 months of your Use Year Anytime within your Use Year
Extended PlusPartners® Travel Booking Window1 
 • Receive an additional 15 days to book PlusPartners' travel reservations.
None None 10 months to 45 days in advance of travel date
Margaritaville Vacation Club® by Wyndham1,7
 • Access to Margaritaville Vacation Club resort inventory.
Beginning 6 months prior to check-in date Beginning 8 months prior to check-in date Beginning 10 months prior to check-in date
 • Enjoy Wyndham-hosted trips during the Standard Reservation window.
Yes Yes Yes
Advance Reservation Priority – Select Associate Locations1
 • Confirm reservations up to 13 months in advance of check-in at select associate locations.
2 times per year 4 times per year Unlimited


1. Subject to availability. 
2. Available only at Wyndham Vacation Resorts-managed locations. 
3. Upgrades are available within the same resort only, limit of one upgrade per reservation apply.
4. The following holidays/special events are blacked out for this benefit: Easter/Spring Break, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and June through August at Myrtle Beach locations.
5. Eligible Reciprocal resorts include non-Club Wyndham® Presidential Reserve Suites® at UDI locations.
6. Available only at Club Wyndham resorts.
7. At the Standard Reservation window, a minimum of 50 percent of Margaritaville Vacation Club Wyndham resort inventory will be held exclusively for VIP members. VIP members can access this inventory at different time lines based upon their VIP tier. 
8. Eligible points are points associated with ownership interests purchased directly through Wyndham Vacation Resorts or its affiliates, Bonus Points, and PIC enrollments.

*VIP program benefits are subject to change without notice.

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